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French people are once more protesting a costs that penalizes those who release photos and videos recognizing policeman, something movie critics say is a significant obstacle to push liberty.

As protesters marched near the Place de la Republique in Paris, cops also required to the roads in riot gear, as well as a number of clashes between police officers and demonstrators took place.

Saturday’s presentations are just the most recent protests versus the security costs, which would certainly fine transgressors thousands as well as potentially land them behind bars for as much as a year. 

Rallies in Marseille, Paris, Lyon, and also various other cities descended into physical violence in December, as protesters launched projectiles at trouble cops, and organizations and lorries were vandalized.In response to the protests, government officials introduced they would certainly revise Article 24, which takes aim at pictures and videos of officers, and also discover a more well balanced technique. 

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