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A brave dad who prised the jaws of a crocodile off his skull in a horror attack while he took an afternoon swim has revealed his injuries.

Mark Ridge, 44, was mauled by the 6.5ft reptile as he took a dip in Lake Placid in Cairns, Queensland, Australia at about 12.40pm on Thursday. He suffered cuts to his head, face, shoulder and hands after the beast clamped its teeth around his head.

Being an experienced swimmer Mr. Ridge was able wrestle himself free and wade slowly to shore where he received help.

Mark Ridge was swimming in Lake Placid in Cairns, Queensland, when he was attacked by the reptile. He was rushed to Cairns Base Hospital and remained alert and awake during the traumatic ordeal.

Mr Ridge’s daughter Mili said he is “in pain” but will be fine. Mr Ridge miraculously survived the attack and swam to shore where he was treated by paramedics. The croc was said to be around 6.5ft in length and of a saltwater species. Critical care paramedic Paul Sweeney told 9News: “When we got there, he was remarkably calm and it was clear there were puncture marks on his head.”

“He described to us that the crocodile had bitten his head and he had tried to pry its jaws off his hand and as he did so, its jaws snapped on his hand.”

Mr Ridge told paramedics he swims at Lake Placid multiple times and a week, and was described as being “very fit”. The man was swimming at Lake Placid. He reportedly said he believed the croc to be 1.5m to 2m long – around 6.5ft – and he believed it to be a saltwater species.

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The brave dad is lucky to be alive as Mr Sweeney said the bite could easily have been deadly if the reptile’s teeth punctured any arteries. Queensland Environment has confirmed that a team of wildlife officers have been dispatched to the site to search for the crocodile.

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