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3. A Dark Night “Early in my radio job, there was this musician. As well as he had the No. 1 tune on the R&B charts at the time. He came as well as did an interview on my radio show and also he asked me out for supper. So I say, ‘Yeah,'” Wendy disclosed.

The night swiftly took a turn. “He wished to go change for his own party. When we went to his hotel, he invited me to his space and also I went. He enters the washroom to do whatever. When he comes out, he’s obtained, like, nothing on. A set of fighters. And also I’m like, ‘OK, what’s about to occur?’ My stupid behind, as opposed to just getting up and leaving, I’m like, OK, I’m going to see how much this is most likely to go. I do not wish to have the sex. I do not want wish to be involved with a musician. He wound up pushing himself on me, and he day raped me. And also I left after that, went house and also rubbed my skin off, sobbed. That was that. I never ever told anybody. I just handled it.”

When asked by a manufacturer off-camera why she hasn’t ever before named her enemy, Wendy responded, “It’s my story to tell. I understand I can claim his name, however, you understand what, I’ll allow him breathe. Due to the fact that he was a one-hit marvel. Say thanks to God I am diseased or not dead, you know? It made me more concentrated and also determined to relocate on with my life.”

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