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A few years ago, we already posted about the fall of the West (United States) and the rise of the east (China). However, there’s no definite answer if China will be the powerhouse of the east to drop the United States into ashes however this is already written over centuries ago.

To further explain why this is happening soon we will start with something biblical basis as proof and then we will connect it to the modern times’ events.  with the dream of Daniel in the latter days. 

Dream of Daniel tells a lot about what may happen in the latter days. This may not be questionable now but there are already major events we can link to the statue visualized from the Daniel dream. 

The statue shows us different empires in ages until this time where we are at the “Politically Divided World”. Political systems of communism, democracy, and others are ruling the world with different powerhouse countries. While we see in recent years that United States neocolonialism is still in effect, this great nation is about to be eclipsed by other countries particularly China. 

UK starting to decline some US requests, weakening relationship with oriental ally Philippines, Arab countries starting to take control and fight back like Iran and China is fighting in both ends, economy, and military.   

“In Jehovah’s Witnesses’ interpretation, the feet partly of iron and partly of clay represents the Anglo-American world power. They associate the feet with the Anglo-American world power: the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom. The mixture of iron-and-clay is said to represent traditional authoritarian rule uneasily coexisting with democratic rule and political fragmentation in the ‘last days’. In particular, the clay is said to represent the common people having a say in how they are ruled during this time.” posted in Wikipedia. 

This is the most accurate interpretation that we can relate to in modern times. Like recent events of UK refuses the United States to hand over Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. 

To continue in the bible, America is referenced as Babylon of the modern times. Where several non-biblical actions and events are happening from politics, economics, and lifestyle. And the king of the north referenced some countries that are against Christianity. While several interpretations do connect one thing is very clear. Communist countries including China with different religions might be the representation who will end the Great Babylon America. 

Now, how we will connect this to modern events happening? 

The United States democracy political system is being questioned by many economists and political leaders as flawed. Freedom in America leads to many beliefs from controversial political practices and the rise of the false religion of Christianity. The 7 headed beasts interpreted by others as a false religion and the great whore represented by a nation – America. 

A very liberated nation that allows anyone in the country. We cannot give further biblical details (we can do our own research on specific verses in the bible) since this is just a summary of what is happening in the world. 

Communist countries are preparing for war, they are strengthening their military defense and they are against Christianity. While they mislead the US for a military battle but they initiated with something biological strategy. Pandemic is one of it, coronavirus, is already prophesized by many from the bible to any pagan sources, that this is happening. While this devastated all countries worldwide some countries are actually prepared this is coming – from the East. 

China is prepared, and they take advantage of the weakening of worldwide powerhouses to strengthen their economic growth for improving the military and expand their territory. They start building control over nations by giving supports that are like a time bomb. Support to every dying nation and in return, they will be allies.

While the west, United States, is crumbling to pieces with the ineffective control of the pandemic and rising casualties like deaths more than the source of the virus – China. And in the mid of the pandemic, political war is happening and the nation is divided. 

Military and politics may be the evident reason why we see the fall of the west (US) and the rise of the east (China) but there are more several pieces of evidence we can list down below to check. 

  • More companies are starting to transfer their business ventures in China from the west. Computer and gadget companies are now partly operating base in China due to low-cost labor with brands like Apple and even luxury brands like Prada, LVMH, Givenchy, etc. 
  • Many countries are indebted to China, allowing them to return a favor by letting the sleeping giant establish their infrastructure, military base, and other expansion buildings. 
  • China is starting to pressure neighboring countries with military advances and territorial disputes. 
  • United States is also in major conflicts with long ally countries like the middle easts with the rising conflict with Iran and starting to receive declined requests from the UK. 
  • The United States is now losing relationships with some oriental country allies like the Philippines. 
  • In business United States is now losing in technological innovations like the 5G network and some companies are moving out of the country to establish other headquarters outside the country. This leads to an economic and employment crisis. 

While this is just purely opinionated with grammatical error from one of our Anonymous nonprofessional writers, this website still publishes it verbatim here, for readers to think about what is happening now, and if you have any reactions just leave a comment below.

The views and opinions expressed above, are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Walltrace. Any content provided by our bloggers or authors is of their opinion and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, politics, or anyone or anything.

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