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Here is the top 10 list of most followed TikTok accounts excluding brand accounts. The ranking list was last updated on January 7, 2021.  

The list is ranked among users who rise to be one of the world’s most followed influencers. Some were just common users who made an impact in the platform and did videos that went viral. While others are popular celebrities that have fanbase outside the platform who helped them gain more followers. 

The rankings are steady from the end of 2020 and remain static until the first week of 2021. And here is the realtime TikTok Ranking that will be updated on a regular basis.

10. @riyaz.14 - Riyaz Aly | 43.7 Million

9. @justmaiko - Michael Le | 43.9 Million


happy new years & thank you to everyone that has supported me since my beginning. heres just a little of how 2020 went w/ some of my fav tiktoks⌛️💙

♬ Happiest Year - Jaymes Young

8. @willsmith - Will Smith | 46.3 Million


What’s poppin’?? Y’all watch the ##FreshPrinceReunion yet? 📹: @iamjesserichards

♬ original sound - Will Smith

7. @dixiedamelio - Dixi D'Amelio | 47.7 Million

6. @lorengray - Loren Gray | 50.4 Million


merry christmas eve angels

♬ original sound - swag

5. @spencerx - Spencer Polanco Knight | 50.8 Million


Starting 2021 off with my favorite beats 🗣🔥🎶

♬ original sound - Spencer X

4. @bellapoarch - Bella Poarch | 51.6 Million


Who else is excited for this New year? 🥳 ##2021

♬ Welcome to 2021 - MkX

3. @zachking - Zach King | 54.4 Million


I’m so thankful to be working with an incredible team of magic makers who continue to push the limits of my videos. ##Christmas2020 ##behindthescenes

♬ original sound - Zach King

2. @addisonre - Addison Rae | 73.6 Million

1. @charlidamelio - Charli D'Amelio | 105 Million

The ranking is led by Charli D’Amelio an American dancer turned to social media personality as she remains on top with 105 million followers and too far for the next in line Addison Rae with 73.6 million. Zach King comes next who is previously a social media sensation with his magic tricks from Youtube and Facebook platforms. 

Bella Poarch is new in social media that rose to fame in Tiktok platform within few months. She has the fastest growing account among the top 10 lists from the time she joined last April 2020. For just 8 months she was able to gather 40 million followers and now in the list with 51.6 million followers. 

Will Smith is the only worldwide known celebrity in the list with Hollywood fanbase that made him easy to join the Tiktok top of the world. Other celebrities are trailing below top 10 ranking, that confirms, fame in media can’t guarantee a sit in the top of social media popularity. 

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