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At the very least I don’t have to type “Geraldine “anymore. Marvel Studios WandaVision initially three episodes leapt from decade to decade as Wanda(Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision(Paul Bettany)lived a beautiful sitcom life together in the ideal(and also unbelievably unusual)town of Westview. The 4th episode arrived at Disney Plus Friday, as well as provided us a large dose of Marvel Cinematic Universe “truth.”Last week’s episode left us with our greatest hint yet regarding Westview’s true nature when Wanda kicked”Geraldine”(Teyonah Parris)out of the wonderful sitcom town for stating her double brother Pietro and his killer Ultron(which, to be fair to Wanda, was a bit disrespectful of Geraldine). The show hasn’t exposed Geraldine’s identification, but Marvel Studios didn’t precisely keep it a secret. Editors’leading picks Register For CNET Now for the day’s most intriguing testimonials, newspaper article as well as video clips. Allow’s jump into a picturesque community of SPOILERS.

Marvel Studios Full disclosure: I was anticipating this episode to push Wanda as well as Vision’s story into the ’80s and also had a big line about just how much I love the popular culture of that years all set. Unfortunately, points didn’t obtain as neon as I was wishing, so we’ll have to wait until following week to place on our leg warmers. Instead, we get a super satisfying information dump regarding what the heck has actually been going on. Geraldine We finally obtain on-screen confirmation that Geraldine is actually Monica Rambeau( AKA Lieutenant Trouble), previously viewed as a youngster in the ’90s -established Captain Marvel. This episode offers us a recall disclosing that Monica disappeared in Avengers: Infinity War’s Snap just after her mama Maria had(relatively effective)surgical procedure to get rid of cancer.Monica was dusted by Thanos, soon after her mom Maria had(apparently successful) surgery to eliminate cancer. In the 5 years Monica was gone, Maria’s cancer cells came back and she died.It’s the very first time we’ve seen the chaos quickly complying with the unSnappening of Avengers: Endgame– Spider-Man: Far From Home took a jokey approach– and it is brutal. She awakened to find everybody panicking as well as uncovered her mama had actually passed away, jeepers.Unsheath your SWORD After teasing us with the logo up to now, SWORD is revealed this episode.

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The Sentient Weapon Observation and also Response Division is an US intelligence firm established up by Monica to monitor dangers and prospective allies from area– other than it changed focus during Maria’s absence to”robotics, ai, sentient as well as nanotech weapons.” Jimmy Woo asks all the same questions we have. Note the Skrulls reference on the side of the board.

Keane/CNET Darcy and also Jimmy The actual stars of the episode are astrophysicist Darcy Lewis( Kat Dennings)and also FBI agent Jimmy Woo(Randall Park), last seen in Thor: The Dark World and also Ant-Man and also the Wasp specifically. This set are primarily the audience surrogates, because they try to figure out what’s taking place as they watch Wanda and also Vision’s comedy existence. Wanda has taken control of the town of Westview, New Jersey, and also residents have actually been required tobecome “actors”in the show. CNET’s Caitlin Petrakovitz contributed to this recap.

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