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A two-story Victorian house has a new address after 139
years of living at 807 Franklin Street in San Francisco.

The green house was loaded into giant dollies with large windows and a brown front door, and driven to a place six blocks away on Sunday.

Onlookers lined the sidewalks to take images as the structure rolled to 635 Fulton St. at a maximum speed of 1.6 km/h

For years, the San Francisco Chronicle reported, the house’s journey had been in the planning stages.

The seasoned house mover, Phil Joy, told the newspaper that more than 15 city departments had to secure permits.

In part because the first part of the path requires going downhill, Joy said this move is tricky.

“That’s always difficult for a house,” he said.

Parking meters were torn up along the road, tree limbs were trimmed and traffic signs were moved.

The owner of the six-bedroom home, broker Tim Brown of San Francisco, will pay around $507,830 in fees and moving expenses, the Chronicle reported.

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