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The BTS boys have won millions of hearts. It is a known fact that at home, or with friends, they rarely get quality time. But they still dote on their cats, like us. Here’s a look at the band members’ famous dogs. The BTS Army adores Kim Taehyung/V, but his Pomeranian, Yeontan, is the object of his affection. When he first introduced the canine to the world, in the 15th position, it trended globally on Twitter.

Yeontan in Korean means’ briquette of coal ‘. It’s lovingly referred to as Tannie. V and his pawsome buddy are sharing a lot of things on social media.In reality, on the occasion of Tannie’s birthday, BTS fans fed strays to show love for V and his own special one. There is a Spitz called Rap Mon for Kim Nam-joon, who is known as RM.

A spitz looks pretty much like a Pomeranian. Since 2013, he has been with his folks. As the latter will be away for long trips, it seems Rap Mon could not gel with RM. But with some dog treats and quality time over the years, the condition has been redeemed.


In 2016, Suga showed Holly off to the nation. For any dog owner in the country, his assertion that Holly just loves those who feed him resonates. He was christened by his fans as ‘Holly’s Dad’. Suga was candid enough to admit that, in their first meeting, he was not a dog lover per se, but Holly had his heart. In his collaboration with Line Mates, Holly has inspired Suga too.

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Jin has a sugar glider called Gukmool, which in Korean means’ soup.’ The possum had two friends, Eomuk and Odeng. It meant ‘Fish Cake Soup’ when you added all their names. These two, however, died, leaving only Gukmool.

Mickey is a very pampered Shi Tzu, a small dog-breed. The fact that J-hope is overly protective and possessive of him is a known fact. He likes to dress up in different personalized looks for Mickey. He once raised concerns about the snoring of his pet on a TV show.

Jungkook is Gureum, the proud owner of a Maltese man. In Korean, it means ‘cloud’. He and his family live in Busan. Jungkook has working parents, and Gureum spends a lot of time alone with his brother as part of the BTS.

Ddosun is a mixed breed with a Korean jindo and a pit bull terrier. When he was a child, Jimin had him as a pet. It is unclear whether he actually owns cats. He posted pics with a couple of retrievers some time ago. For this reason, fans have nicknamed Jimin’ Gangyangee.’

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