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Violinist Paik Jin-hee, daughter of actor Yoon Jeong-hee and pianist Paik Kun-woo, asked the Korean court to name her as Yoon’s legal guardian in Korea last year, though she and her father were in dispute with her mother’s siblings over Yoon’s legal guardianship in France.

According to news sources, Paik Jin-hee lodged a lawsuit with the Seoul Family Court in October to be appointed Yoon’s legal guardian in Korea. Yoon is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The case file was made when Yoon’s siblings questioned the French court’s appointment of Paik’s daughter as Yoon’s legal guardian. The brothers lost the case on Nov. 3.

The Seoul court requested the National Center for Mental Health to review Yoon’s situation. It will settle on the assessment of Yoon’s mental wellbeing by the health institute.

Yoon is reported to own two apartments in Yeouido, Seoul, and has a few deposits in a bank in Korea.

Lawyer Park Yeon-cheol, defending Yoon’s relatives, said that the siblings were not aware of Paik’s application for Yoon’s legal guardianship in Korea.

“After the French court’s ruling, we discussed this matter and deemed it inappropriate for Paik Jin-hee to be designated as Yoon’s legal guardian in Korea as the daughter lives in Paris,” Park said.

Yoon’s siblings’ dispute with her husband and daughter over the legal guardianship of the actor now living in Paris became public when the siblings posted a petition to the Blue House website on Feb. 5, alleging that Paik and his daughter had neglected to provide Yoon with adequate treatment. They begged the Korean government to get Yoon back to Korea so that they could look after her.

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On Feb.7, Pianist Paik refuted the charge via his organization. After arrival here in Korea on Feb. 11 for performances, Paik said to the press, ”Yoon is living a peaceful life each day. We don’t have any problem.”

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