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Pretoria – At least R13 million for a home, R1.5 million for furniture, R80 000 for a month’s maintenance for their two children and R50 000 for a month’s maintenance for the next five years. These are some of the demands placed against her world-famous DJ husband by a well-known actress in the divorce proceedings. Although the name of the DJ is known to the Pretoria News, a judge from Johannesburg who released a judgment following the legal arguments of the couple only referred to the case as M vs M.

This is because the Divorce Act precludes the identity of divorcing partners participating in legal proceedings. The wife told the Johannesburg High Court that, apart from her husband’s other run-of-the-mill costs, she also wanted another car on the fifth anniversary of their divorce, of the same standard as the one she now has. But their divorce has been stalling for some time, as some of the problems can not be seen eye to eye by the couple.

In 2019, the wife began divorce proceedings. The separated couple accept that their marriage has broken down, but that the financial implications of the breakup can not be decided upon. The wife also requires the husband to cover her medical, dental, hospital surgical, ophthalmic, orthodontic and prescription pharmaceutical expenses, apart from her other requirements, for five years from the date of divorce.

While the husband acknowledged responsibility for holding the children and certain other expenses, he objects, among others, to the sum she says for the children as well as the maintenance she requests for the next five years for herself. In court documents, the wife said her husband was an extremely wealthy person, earning up to R100 million annually. The husband, who also admits that the children should reside with his wife, does not deny this, as he “travels the globe to pursue his profession as a world-class disc jockey.”

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It is said that her husband is considered Africa’s second richest musician. In May 2011, the parties entered into a customary marriage in the estate culture. In January 2017, they entered into a civil marriage. In order to assess the value of the “joint estate” that, according to her, still exists between the parties and in which she has the right to share, she also wanted a thorough investigation. The legitimacy of civil marriage is also being questioned by her. Judge PA Meyer said at this point the issues could not be decided, as the wife would first be given the opportunity, if she wished to, to investigate the financial affairs of her husband through a forensic accountant.

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