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On Monday, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) announced that it would soon launch a legal journal in Urdu and English, as well as a web series to raise awareness of Sharia and Indian rules, and to clarify Muslims’ court decisions.

The decision was taken during a meeting of the board of directors headed by Mohd Rabey Hasani Nadvi, its president.

“The working committee of AIMPLB passed a resolution to start a Sharia awareness webseries. It also decided to start a legal journal in the Urdu and English languages,” read a tweet from the handle on AIMPLB.

AIMPLB General Secretary Syed Mohammad Wali Rahmani spoke to The Indian Express and said the idea behind the web series was to raise awareness of legal issues for Muslims. “The series will be done in an interview-discussion format… The series will analyse high court and supreme court judgments so that common people can understand them. Not just Sharia, we will also focus on the country’s laws and judgments,” said Rahmani.

Board member Asma Zehra has been tasked with preparing a blueprint for the web series, according to a statement issued by the board. “Lawyers such as Yusuf Hatim Muchhala, Zafaryab Jilani and M R Shamshad “endorsed this proposal and said they were going to give it their time.

Advocate M R Shamshad was asked to prepare a plan and “present it to the general secretary” for the legal journal in English and Urdu.

The issue of safeguarding Waqf properties was also discussed in the meeting and a campaign will be launched across the country in this respect.

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“…The Waqf Act was prepared and approved after a lot of hard work. It has provisions to safeguard Waqf properties from being sold. But efforts are being made from several quarters to make changes to these provisions, which can threaten the safeguarding of Waqf properties. So, it was decided that for the safety of Waqf properties, a campaign should be launched across the country,” in Urdu, read the statement issued.

The Board said it was fighting cases “in its full capacity” related to Waqf properties.

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