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When a tree his gang was chopping in Nakhon Ratchasima province dropped on him, a 41-year-old alleged illegal logger was killed.

On Sunday, the Wang Nam Khiao Forest Conservation Unit was alerted to illegal logging on Pa Phu Luang national forest land in Nakhon Ratchasima province’s Wang Nam Khiao district. They raced to investigate the scene and discovered, along with a chainsaw and 24 logs of Siamese rosewood, a suspect and his deceased colleague’s corpse.
“Jakkaphong Mang-yuan, aged 26 years, a local of Khon Kaen province said that his colleague Suthin Laoklang, aged 41 years, was killed by a falling Siamese rosewood tree that he and the gang had helped cut down,” said Aram Manchaona, the unit commander.
Further analysis showed that in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Thai Samakkhi district, Suthin was a former village headman.

Jakkaphong allegedly said at the scene that the logging gang consisted of seven members, but the other five fled the scene after Suthin’s murder. To hunt down the other criminals, officials are scouring the city.
Jakkaphong was taken to the police station of Udomsub and accused of logging on national forest property. He later amended his assertion, however, and said his logging gang consisted of 10 persons, including himself and the deceased.

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