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For a while now, Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin have been rumoured to be lovers. In the film, the two showed affection for each other, but they still maintained that they were just good friends. Aly had first joined Bigg Boss 14 to support Jasmin as a wildcard contestant.

The two soon grew close.She opened up about her relationship with Aly after Jasmin was evicted and said she hopes that her blossoming romance with him will develop into something more beautiful. She also spoke at length with Aly about her marriage plans. But it seems like Aly is going to follow Rubina Dilaik’s shaadi advice he got.

I don’t know about marriage plans yet, but I will have a better understanding once I am out of the building. Of course, Jasmin and I were similar, best friends, but two different aspects are being friends and being in a relationship. So, I’d go here with Rubina’s advice. First, she told me the experience of dating, then the stage of engagement, then marriage,Aly responded when asked about his marriage to Jasmin.

She had told her fans about her wedding plans with Aly when Jasmin was expelled from Bigg Boss 14 while chatting with fans on Twitter during a #AskJasmin session on Tuesday. She said that after Aly comes back from the reality show, their families will discuss their marriage. Jasmin tweeted in response to a fan who asked if she plans to marry her boyfriend Aly Goni: “Marriage is a very big decision to be taken by two people.

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Our families and I are waiting for @AlyGoni to come back and we will discuss it as a family.” Jasmin was asked by a fan about her feelings for Aly and whether her parents had consented to their marriage. “It was a beautiful realisation we had inside the house. As far as I know my parents don’t have any issue with it.”We had a wonderful realization inside the house. As far as I know, my parents have no problem with it. How Aly and Jasmin will take their relationship forward remains to be seen.

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