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Better late than never at all… Several users have complained about problems with USB connectivity since the launch of X570 motherboards, an issue that apparently has remained with the new but cheaper B550 boards. And, in truth, in recent months, it seems to have become more serious.

Well, after all this time, AMD has decided to admit that there are some issues that, in fact, it has no idea why. So the producer is asking users for more information.



According to several sources, if you have no idea what’s happening, we have significant communication issues, with keyboards and mice disconnecting from nowhere, staying unanswered for different times that can exceed 10 seconds.

For no apparent reason, the mouse may also be slower, and some USB ports may not even work, especially if you have several devices connected at the same time.

Interestingly, while there have always been rumors of issues, in recent months it seems to have gotten a lot worse. That is to say, the problem is new, but there are no X570 motherboards. Having said all this, the problem is due to some bug in systems equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX Cards, according to the data collected on Reddit.

However, mid-range or low-range cards, external drives, and even coolers also have issues! (The latter is not really enjoyable…)

Hopefully, with a firmware update, AMD will be able to find the issue and solve it as soon as possible.

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