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Big Boss 13 has been a major success. The season has broken all records and continues to be the favorite of many. It had the highest number of wild-card contestants as well. Arhaan Khan was a wild-card contestant who joined the show. He was the boyfriend of Rashami Desai and also proposed to Rashami Desai on national television.Until Salman Khan revealed the truth that Arhaan was already married and also had a child, Rashami was extremely happy with the proposal.

It came as a shock to Rashami and all the others inside the home. Salman Khan bashed Arhaan for hiding the truth from Rashami, and he even went to comfort Rashami inside the home.This news created a storm both inside and outside the home. Now, Arhaan Khan spoke in an ETimes interview as to whether she regrets doing Bigg Boss 13.

He said, “No regrets at all! Bigg Boss gave me a lot of publicity. Now, I’m known to a lot more people. It was part of the show whatever happened inside the BB house. I believe in forgetting what happened in the past, accepting the reality and moving on. Even though there were things I wish hadn’t happened, it’s not all in your hands.”The former contestant is currently filming a web series in Dubai.

He also addressed whether he was trying to clear up all the disagreements with Rashami Desai. He said, “Kuch secrets sirf secrets hi rahe toh behatar hai. I won’t say much in this regard except that one should not wash dirty linen in public.” Arhaan also said that he had received a lot of offers from daily soaps, but he was not prepared for it.

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The contestant for Bigg Boss 13 also talked about Bigg Boss 14 and revealed his favorite contestant. He said, “I’m not able to watch the show due to a lot of traveling and shooting. I’ve seen a few episodes and I feel that nothing interesting is happening, like it was during the previous seasons, especially the last one.”Many of the contestants are mates of mine, but there is no such thing as a favorite.

I like the way that Aly Goni played, because he’s himself. He never did anything wrong and stood for the right stuff at all times. I also didn’t like the eviction of Jasmin from the show. But if you’re asking me whose game I don’t like, I’d probably mention the name of Nikki Tamboli.The way she plays, I seriously don’t like it.


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