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In a violent street encounter, a Scottish man who had his tongue bitten off
watched as a piece of flesh was eaten by a seagull, a court heard.

Bethany Ryan, 27, pleaded guilty last Thursday in court to
the assault on James McKenzie on August 1, 2019, in Edinburgh.

The pair were strangers, the court heard, but after they met one another in
the Scottish capital in August 2019, the Edinburgh News reported, they got into an argument.

Ms. Ryan was originally advised by the Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court to attempt to walk away, but that Mr. McKenzie had been violent and approached her with a clenched fist.

She then pressed herself against him, “kissed” him and bit off a part of his tongue. Mr. McKenzie spit on the street with the dismembered muscle, where a huge seagull caught it and flew away. At a later date, Mrs. Ryan would be convicted.

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