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In the recent Bigg Boss 14 show, we saw RJs asking the housemates some cool and candid questions. “When they asked the Shakti actress about her relationship with husband Abhinav Shukla during a conversation, she replied, “Soulmates are not two individuals who shower love on each other, but are individuals who make each other better individuals.

We are strong individuals who better each other at every stage. Like the winds underneath my wings, Abhinav is. Kabhi Tu aage toh principal tere peeche hawa bankar, toh kabhi principal aage toh tu mere peeche hawa bankar. Relationships are rather critical. “Yes, it is 100 percent right. After coming to the Bigg Boss house, my perspective towards this relationship has changed and I have gained confidence.

And if we would have not come together, it would have not happened.”Yes, it’s 100 percent right. My perspective on this relationship has changed since coming to the Bigg Boss house and I have gained confidence. And if we hadn’t come together, it wouldn’t have happened. Recently, when she announced that Abhinav and she were planning to divorce each other before joining the competition, Rubina Dilaik had captured the headlines in the show.

“Kamya Panjabi, her Shakti costar, said she was shocked to learn this and told E Times, “I had no idea about their discrepancies in relationships.We weren’t best friends who would meet and talk after filming, but we worked with each other for four years on the show, and she once invited us to her house for dinner, along with the entire team. Rubina always used to refer to Abhinav as ‘My husband,’ which is very sweet, and I always thought she loved him deeply.We had also discussed how to celebrate Karva Chauth and arranged it. Not once did I get the feeling that there were gaps between them, I just saw a lot of affection between them. Hearing on the show that they were contemplating a divorce was surprising.

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