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Bindi Irwin, the baby girl of Steve Irwin and a renowned wildlife conservationist from Australia, is now all grown up and ready to have her own baby. The TV presenter and nature lover revealed what she and her husband are contemplating about naming their daughter (it is legal to determine the baby’s sex before birth in Australia) before giving birth to her child with hubby Chandler Powell.

Not surprisingly, it’s something closely related to nature and its ancestry. In an interview with The Bump, Bindi Irwin said, ‘Before we decide on a name, we’re waiting to meet her. We want to hold her and make sure that the name we choose fits perfectly with her. When it comes to what to name our little wildlife warrior princess, we have been drawing inspiration from her and Chandler’s ancestry.

For family name inspiration, we have been looking through family history on both my side and Chandler’s side. I think we’ll know exactly what to name her once she arrives. Bindi Irwin added, opening up on the unique nickname she has for her kid, “My dad was the first person to create the term ‘Wildlife Warrior.'” Being a Warrior of Wildlife means standing up and speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. Our daughter was referred to as our Baby Wildlife Warrior. I know in my heart that, in order to make our planet a better place, she will forge her own path.

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