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Crypto-powered web browser, Courageous, has released its “Roadmap 2.0″—plans for integrated DEX aggregator and non-fungible support for tokens.

Brave’s latest roadmap highlights the company’s intention to incorporate DeFi features into its wallet and pursue scaling project solutions.

Brave’s new Ethereum-native wallet will support DeFi and NFT use scenarios, as well as the launch of smartphone support and improved API capabilities.

The proposed DEX aggregator would aim to compensate the holders of the BAT tokens by giving incentives to consumers who pay BAT transaction fees or carry the token in their wallets.

Brave is seeking funding for assets across several chains, stating that it would consider both layer-one and layer-two scaling options to reduce the high fees involved with the use of the Ethereum mainnet.

Brave also plans to extend BAT’s utilities through the open network, including creating token support for e-commerce, VPNs, search engines, and file sharing.

The team says it will extend attempts to connect with its culture, including holding daily AMAs with its team members, introducing the “BAT Ambassadors Program” and translating material into a broader variety of languages.

After its debut in October 2017, Brave has drawn more than 8 million active daily users and 25 million monthly users, with its user base having increased in 2020. By the end of 2021, the browser expects to have 50 million monthly and 17 million daily users.

Brave’s native BAT token is now processed by 3.8 million users on a monthly basis, while over 13 million Brave wallets have been developed. The Roadmap states that BAT is one of the “most widely used tokens” in crypto, adding that more than 1 million checked publishers accept BAT.

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Its promotional network has since expanded to support about 2,500 exclusive promotions for more than 400 advertisers in over 200 countries.

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