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Buckingham Palace has reported that Prince Philip is being treated for an infection in a hospital and is not expected to leave for several days.

After feeling unwell for several days, the Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital early last week as a’ precautionary measure’.

A brief statement was published by Buckingham Palace on Tuesday stating that the 99-year-old was “comfortable and responding to treatment”

“The Duke of Edinburgh remains at King Edward VII’s Hospital where he is receiving medical attention for an infection.

“He is comfortable and responding to treatment but is not expected to leave hospital for several days.”

Prince Edward, the Duke’s youngest son, told Sky News in Britain that his father was recovering and looking forward to leaving the hospital.

“As far as I’m aware, he’s a lot better… so he’s looking forward to getting out, which is the most positive thing,” he said.

Edward said that his father was upset with being in the hospital “just a bit”

“You can only watch the clock so many times and the walls are only so interesting,” he said.

“We’ve had some lovely messages from all sorts of people and we really appreciate that and so does he, I’ve been passing them on.”

Since his eldest son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles had traveled several hours by car to visit his father in the hospital on Saturday, speculation about the health of the duke had been growing.

According to King Edward VII’s hospital website, visits by family members can only happen under “exceptional circumstances” due to the COVID-19 pandemic in England.

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Prince William, the grandson of the duke, told royal reporters on Monday that his grandfather was doing “OK” during a public appearance.

“Yes, he’s OK, they’re keeping an eye on him,” Prince William said on a visit to a vaccination centre in eastern England.

It is understood that the duke was taken by car to the hospital and walked unassisted into the hospital, and his condition was not linked to COVID-19.

During the pandemic, he and the Queen were staying at Windsor Castle, just outside London, and both got their vaccines for COVID-19 in early January.

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