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With two sexy images of herself shopping for cannabis plants, Melissa Riso tantalized her 1.2 million Instagram followers. For the shots, the model wore a distinctly summery dress, and she wore a jacket over it all.

Instagram users have shown a great deal of support for the post. To show their gratitude for her efforts, more than 14,100 hit the similar button. Nearly 300 also took a moment to write an uplifting comment, thanking her for her photo shooting outfit and location.

With plenty of praise, fans lavished the model.

“Oh, you are too hot to handle, Melissa. This outfit is fire. You look stunning,” gushed one follower, including a row of flames to complete the comment.

“You’re gorgeous! I also love the view. What a fun time,” a second devotee noted, adding flames and hearts.

“You’re a cutie pie. Riso, I’m always sending positive energy your way. You’re such a sweet soul,” wrote a third fan.

“Whoa! You’re babelicious, Melissa. That top is awesome,” a fourth Instagram user replied, including several red lips and hearts.

Melissa took a selfie in the first photo as she stood amid plants which were taller than her. She wore a blue and white snakeskin string bikini top consisting of two triangles that, with a string threaded through the sides, shielded her modesty, creating cups. Ample cleavage rounded Herr out of the swimwear, offering a clear view to the viewers.

Melissa was wearing a black leather jacket over her top with a silver zipper. Her highlighted brunette hair dropped from a side portion over one shoulder.

Melissa studies the plants in the second frame, and her pose exposes more of her sexy dress. Melissa wore Daisy Dukes medium wash with leg spasms. They grew to just below her navel, highlighting her slender waist and flat tummy.

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Melissa held onto some of her straight hair strands, showcasing her sparkly ring of devotion. She also had a small gold necklace with a pendant which rested above her cleavage on her chest. She touched one leaf of the plant with her other hand, gazing at it with curiosity.

Melissa recently announced her engagement to her two-year-old boyfriend, Brandon Messina. During a nice evening out for Valentine’s Day just a little over a week ago, he posed the issue. She shared her excitement at spending time with him forever.

With a shot of her wrist, Melissa showed off her sparkler where it was sparkling from her ring finger. A beautiful heart-shaped chocolate dessert cake was in the background with a raspberry on it and vanilla cream dusted with powdered sugar on the side.

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