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Demi Lovato reveals that she cut off her long locks in order to love herself in a new interview that will air today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The singer and songwriter who, in a recent YouTube docuser named “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil.” was frank about her addiction and rehabilitation.

The streaming event that will air on March 23 brings viewers on a personal journey through the life of Demi that starts before her 2018 overdose and subsequent struggles.

Demi talked about her decision to cut off much of her hair in a post written on EllenTube. In an Instagram post viewed here, she unveiled the new look.

She shaved the side, left the top for a long time and brushed it to one side. The side of her hair remains the naturally dark shade of Demi. The top was painted pink with bubblegum.

For several years, Demi wore her hair long and dark in color. For the “OK Not To Be OK” artist, this became a signature look.

Ellen noted during the interview how amazing Demi looked in her new hairstyle. She noticed that Demi was never afraid of changing her looks, and one of the things she liked most about her was that.

The singer answered, “I cut my hair off in November.”

“I feel so free. I feel more authentic to who I am. I also feel like I used to hide behind my hair,” she explained.

In the past, Demi said she was really open about battling an eating disorder and using her tresses as a means of hiding her body.

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“I started doing all this work on myself,” she continued.

Demi wondered what was the one thing she had been hanging onto all of her life that she wanted to let go of? One of those things was her hair.

Demi said she only felt more like herself after taking the plunge.

For Ellen’s interview, the singer was wearing a plaid multicolored suit that was dotted with gold grommets over a black sweater. On her feet, she wore chunky-heeled boots and added big gold hoop earrings to the film.

Ellen praised Demi for being so genuine, not just for her talent. She said it was unusual for someone to be so down-to-earth in the entertainment industry.

“The world has been so loving and supportive of me telling my story. We live in a time where nobody’s perfect. We are not going to get our role models from people that don’t make mistakes,” she said.

“We are going to learn from our role models who reveal their deepest, darkest struggles. I also wanted to set the record straight,” Demi continued of what fans could expect from the four-part tell-all.

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