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Feb. 16 – After a boat carrying hundreds of passengers capsized in the Congo River, dozens of people died, officials said. On Twitter on Monday, Steve Mbikayi, Minister for Humanitarian Action of the Democratic Republic of Congo, said that the ferry, overloaded with 700 passengers, capsized on Sunday night in Mai-Ndombe province in western DRC.

Although hundreds of people are still missing, at least 60 bodies have been retrieved, he said, adding some 300 survivors have been found. He said, “We sympathize with the bereaved families and demand sanctions against all those responsible,”On Monday, Mbikayi told Al Jazeera that a ship departing from the capital of Kinshasa had sunk near the village of Longola Ekoti on its way to the province of Equateur in northwestern DRC. “The main cause of the sinking remains the overload of goods and the excess number of passengers in the whaling boat,” he said.Navigating the ship at night might have have played a part in its sinking, he said.

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