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“If workers come to your property, make sure you know where they are from and ask for ID verification cards before you let them into your yard,” warned Andreas Mathios, a community and media liaison officer from Blue Protection, after two robberies in Durban in which housebreaking gangs were disguised as laborers.

He said residents needed to be conscious of this ruse that gangs used to get on their ground. In Durban North, Mathios said, a group of men in blue overalls entered a Danville Avenue property where a domestic worker was accosted. She was threatened with a knife by the men and managed to flee and run to a neighbor who then let go of his alarm. Before fleeing in the direction of Virginia, the suspects managed to catch a cellphone.

In another incident, he said, two men were arrested following a housebreak in the Manor Gardens district. “A resident in the same complex identified the men positively as the same suspects who broke into his premises and stole his flat screen television and stabbed his domestic worker.” The suspects were wearing the same shoes at the time of their arrest that they had previously stolen from his house. For further investigation and processing, the suspects were handed over to Mayville SAPS.

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