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At the virtual software construction competition ETHDenver, Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared funding for the ColoradoJam incubator for blockchain and Web3 technology ventures. The initial cohort of the incubator will be drawn from some of the winning projects of the event and will function in order to further the creative technology field of Colorado.

At the case, Governor Jared Polis of Colorado said, “Our goal in Colorado is very simply to establish Colorado as the national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government. We want to have the very best legal framework for that and make sure that people can innovate and experiment in our state, and really I think it’s the strong leadership and innovative spirit, that kind of frontier spirit, that Colorado has that’ll help us do that… on top of that, as you know, ETHDenver has launched the ColoradoJam incubator which will foster innovative blockchain and Web3 projects right here in Colorado”

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