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Akemona, Incorporated (‘Akemona’) and Tritaurian Capital, Incorporated (‘Tritaurian’) have announced, following their January collaboration, FanMintTM, the first digital securities issuing platform compliant with United States regulations. Under Regulations CF, D, S, and A, FanMint would promote debt and equity issuance with a focus on the growing ‘Influencer’ asset class. It is anticipated that the platform will go live in March 2021. FanMint also accepts applications from studios, athletes and sports organisations, influencers, and other content creators interested in raising funds by offering their followers and selling digital security tokens. Please visit in order to apply.

“FanMint is pioneering a financial market that gives content creators such as film and game studios, esports organizations, athletes and sports leagues, artists and entertainers, and social media personalities an opportunity to share their success with their fans,” said Jim Preissler, managing partner at Tritaurian.

FanMint would allow these opportunities for both accredited and non-accredited investors from the U.S. and abroad to participate. The launch is expected to coincide with the recent SEC decision to raise the 12-month Regulation Crowdfunding offering cap from US$1,070,000 to US$5,000,000 ( With this move, non-accredited investors will have an increased capacity through FanMint to take part in offerings.

Through the offer and sale of Branded Influencer TokensTM, the FanMint platform enables these influencers to collect capital from fans to be issued on Ethereum and other blockchains. These digital debt or equity securities may be related to the ownership, sales, profits, or royalty streams of the issuer. In addition, issuers can give experiential benefits to strengthen their connection to fans, such as exclusive merchandise, digital collectibles, meet-and-greets, preferential ticketing, and other distinctive benefits.

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The structure of FanMint provides issuers with the ability to circumvent banks with onerous interest rates or antiquated contractual provisions restricting upside and intellectual property rights. The replacement of these intermediaries with blockchain technology helps to directly connect issuers to investors while reducing capital costs. FanMint offers fans a tangible stake in the projects they love, while giving their supporters unprecedented access to influencers.

A non-custodial, decentralized marketplace is being built by FanMint. This implies that investors will hold in their own digital wallets the securities they invest in, eliminating the need to engage intermediaries to hold their assets. Furthermore, the smart contracts of FanMint comply with regulations by providing built-in protections against the loss of their digital securities by an individual.

In addition, the FAN TokenTM, a native asset of the ecosystem that will be issued as a compliant digital security, will power the platform. Through potential dividends, voting rights, discounts, preferential benefits, and experience opportunities, FAN Tokens will allow for direct participation in the ecosystem’s success. The launch of the FAN Token is anticipated in the first half of 2021.

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