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Feb. 23 – The division reported that Marine Corps Systems Command has begun fielding a new optic that enhances shooter accuracy at longer distances. According to Marine Corps Systems Command, the Squad Common Optic, a magnified day optic containing an illuminated and non-illuminated aim-point intended to facilitate target acquisition and likely to be struck.The M4 and M4A1 Carbine, as well as the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, can be connected to the optics, the fielding of which began in January.

“The Squad Common Optic provides an improved day optic to infantry and infantry-like communities, including reconnaissance units,” Tom Dever, MCSC Combat Optics project officer, said in a press release.It’s a device that increases understanding of circumstances and lowers engagement times, greatly benefiting the Marines,”It’s a system that improves situational awareness and decreases engagement times, greatly benefiting Marines,”

The attrition and replacement of the Rifle Combat Optic and the Squad Day Optic for close-combat Marines would be replaced by the SCO, which went from program designation to fielding in just 16 months.”Having an optic that can reach out to longer distances will ultimately make the Marine a more lethal first-shot shooter,” said Roger Boughton, lead engineer of MCSC for the SCO program. “This means they can use less rounds to overwhelm an enemy.”

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