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Gen2 Technologies Inc. (the ‘Company’) (OTC: BRKK) wishes to notify its shareholders that Mr. Michael Kovacocy is moving from COO to CEO with immediate effect. Mr. Daniel Serruya has moved to the position of COO of the Iris Media Network and Head of Sales and Business Development. Mr. Rick Pearson transitions to the position of Head of Fulfillment, Iris Media Network and Solutions for Broadcasting.

The call will be a comprehensive debrief on previously highlighted points and will also provide, among other additional subjects, information on progress and priorities in our blockchain-enabled imagery formatting (Blockstone) and eKYC (Fintellus) business lines. The format will be listen-only, with management answering a variety of investor questions in a frank and shareholder-friendly way aimed at increasing transparency and comprehension of our corporate priorities and strategies to drive sustainable growth and increase shareholder value. Management believes that the prospects for creating material increases in economic value and PPS are strong, and we wish to offer shareholders an insight into how we intend to execute to hit our aggressive goals.

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