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Her ex-partner had committed a vicious assault on a 20-year-old Greek student in the northern Italian city of Turin.

Jetmir Kurtsmajlaj, a 27-year-old, stabbed his ex, a 20-year-old Greek student, multiple times.

Kurtsmajlaj, originally from Albania, reportedly wanted to kill his former girlfriend, according to the Italian La Stampa, as he had posted threatening messages on Instagram in recent days.

Georgia Kaltsouni, 20, was born in Lesvos.

With a kitchen knife, Kurtsmajlaj assaulted her in the middle of the street.

He managed to strike her in the abdomen and stomach.

The Kaltsouni, in fact, was hospitalized in Molinette in a critical condition and underwent a long night-time operation, while the 27-year-old was arrested by police and faces charges of attempted murder.

Several eyewitnesses saw the attack and said that the girl was on the ground and that “a tall blond young man kicked and hit her.”

Another said that he had seen the young man holding the knife in his right hand and stabbing the young woman around the neck several times.

The Greek student’s sister said:

“She told me in a message that she was with him, revealing the point where they met on Sunday afternoon. At 5 p.m. he told me that everything was fine and she would call me later.”

“Late in the afternoon, the police came to my house and told me that my sister was seriously injured and in hospital. I never saw the perpetrator, I do not know how they met,” she continued.

“However, I know that he had become dangerous, terribly dangerous,” she concluded.

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After six hours of surgery, doctors said that she was supposed to make a complete recovery.

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