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Just after take-off on Saturday, the noisy boom was unmistakable onboard United Airlines Flight 328. Clearly, something had gone really wrong.

On the flight from Denver International Airport to Honolulu, some of the 241 individuals opened their windows to see an uncovered engine spewing flames and parts of the plane falling down.

Others closed their curtains, picked and prayed to their loved ones. People on the ground rushed to shelter thousands of meters below in a Denver suburb to stop debris unexpectedly plummeting to the earth.

The pilots gave a Mayday call and landed the plane safely after turning back to the airport. Remarkably, either in the air or on the ground, there have been no cases of casualties. Nonetheless, interviews with passengers reveal the occurrence produced a massive scare for those involved.

The aircraft landed safely at Denver International Airport and nobody was injured on board or on the ground, authorities said. Yet those in the air as well as those on the ground were profoundly shaken.

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