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This week, Monica Huldt returned to her Instagram account to share with her followers a spicy new upload. The photo featured the Swedish model in a suggestive pose in front of the camera as she showed off her hourglass figure. Even matching her fingernail polish color to the print of her sexy underwear set, the buxom blond went all out for the snap. To make everyone stand up and take note, the snap was enough.

For the snap, Monica sported a delicate lingerie package. A pink floral pattern with thin straps that showcased her muscled biceps and shoulders was included in the bra. Her huge cleavage was also revealed by the plunging neckline. High over her voluptuous curves, the matching panties were pulled up and wrapped tightly around her slender midsection. Although accentuating her flat tummy and toned abs, the garment flaunted her round derriere and killer thighs. She also added a pair of thigh-high, nude stockings.

On top of a white tile floor, the model sat on her knees. Her legs were apart, and she had an arched spine. As she pulled her shoulders back and moved her busty chest outwards, Monica put one hand over her knee and the other over her hip. Her lips and eyelids were dark pink. As she looked into the frame with a steamy smile on her lips, her head was tilted.

In a deep side section, Monica wore her long, blond hair. She styled the locks in elegant, straight strands which she pushed over one of her shoulders. Some pink and white flowers were seen hanging from a green garland in the background of the image. She asked her fans in the caption of the post if they liked the flowers. She also geotagged Phoenix, Arizona, as her venue.

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Monica’s 1.8 million-plus followers went crazy for the snap, clicking more than 23,000 times on the like button within the first 24 hours after her feed was posted. Her adoring fans have hit the comments section to leave over 530 comments during that time about the post.

“I wish all the flowers were like you,” one follower quipped.

“You look soooooooo beautiful in that photoshoot and bikini,” declared another.

“You are a spectacular woman,” a third social media user stated.

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