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Madison Woolley took her 615,000 followers to Instagram on Monday, February 22, to post a new snapshot. The Australian model, who is also a businesswoman, is well-known in sexy outfits for revealing her perfectly toned figure, and her new share has not disappointed. In a two-piece lounge underwear that had done nothing but favors for her killer body, she looked super sexy.

Madison released another tantalising update in a recent article by Walltrace that featured her in a classic black bikini. She spent the day in Australia at the popular Bondi Beach.

A yellow-and-white, bra-and-panty mix rocked the blond hottie. The bra boasted soft balcony cups that were made with intricate lace panels from a sheer material. As well as a tight fit that hugged her curves, the undergarment had a scalloped hem from the straps down to the chest. An underwire featured in the sheer cups that cupped her bust. On the other side, the plunging neckline highlighted her cleavage.

She wore a matching pair of panties made of the same fabric, too. Her flat stomach was accentuated by her waistline, and the high-cut style revealed plenty of skin around her groin region.

In a bathroom that had tiled walls and a rectangular-shaped bath, Madison took a racy photo. The area appeared to have no windows with only artificial lights as its lighting source. The room was, despite that reality, bright and conducive to photography.

Madison was standing in front of a mirror, her scanty lingerie showing off. As she tilted her phone over her left ear, she stood straight and slightly popped her right hip to the side. With her fingertips, she tapped the sink and stared at the screen as she took the shot.

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Madison left untied her short blond hair, split in the middle and cut mostly straight. To hold it out of her way, she tucked the sides behind her ears. A thick gold bangle, bracelet, and dangling earrings were worn by the babe as accessories.

Madison paired a short caption with the picture, in which she listed “island archives.”

She took a mirror selfie at a hotel on Hayman Island, according to the geo-tag. Longtime fans of the model know that she usually goes with friends and her boyfriend on holidays across Australia.

The brand-new social media share of Madison received more than 17,700 likes and 130-plus messages on the photo-sharing app within hours of going online. Her online audience fell on her incredible body and elegance with gushing notes and praises. Countless other onlookers struggled to find words, preferring to use different emoji instead to convey their thoughts about the image.

“You are unbelievably beautiful and so hot!” one of her fans commented.

“The color suits you well, and your hair looks nice,” wrote another Instagram user.

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