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On Monday, model Tina Louise, who rose to fame after gracing Maxim’s cover and other popular magazines, tantalized her 2.5 million followers on Instagram with two racy snaps. In the pictures, while flaunting her physique for her adoring fans, the tattooed beauty posed on a table, much to their delight.

The backdrop greenery and roof revealed that the photo was taken in a garden house, adding some eye-catching scenery. It was the model, however, and her sultry attire that attracted much of the publicity.

Tina rocked a see-through lingerie bodysuit and thong in the pictures as she showed off her enviable figure. In her red-and-black bra, the first also featured the bombshell from the back as her derriere was revealed. At the time, her upper-half attire was pulled off, with Tina showing off the ink decorating her back.

Tina was sitting on the furniture and facing the camera in the second picture, leaning her head on her left side. On the chest section, the clothing had a cutout that showed a huge amount of cleavage, but the outfit was so graphic that she had to use heart emoji to censor those sections.

Tina showed off the exotic body ink that made her a social media sensation amongst her many admirers. The ink on her back and the right side of her body was exposed by the first upload, and there was hardly a region of her that did not boast any sort of captivating imagery.

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A sunflower-shaped symbol on her rib, as well as a blue-and-yellow bird on her forearm were some of the most prominent illustrations. A popular theme, however, was plants and flowers, as her legs and booty contained several leafy designs.

Tina asked her followers in the accompanying caption of her recent uploads if they liked “bad girls,” and some of her admirers in the comments section answered her query.

On the image-sharing site, Tina’s audience enjoyed her new escapades. Over 31,000 individuals have hit the like button at the time of this writing. It also took some of them a moment to give her a compliment.

β€œThe baddest,” wrote one follower, who emphasized the compliment with a slew of flame emoji.Β 

Another asked the model to β€œruin my life.”


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