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It is electric, it is “smart” and it is 100% Greek as well.

In the summer of 2021, the first Greek-made “smart” electric scooter is expected to reach the roads.

Its developers will have come up with its name by then. “It then clearly came to our attention. “The company is called Give, the project is called i.lektra, but we are still in the search phase for the scooter itself,” said Ilias Nasiopouloss, co-founder of the GIVE company.

The business was set up by Ilias Nasiopoulos, Lefteris Kozas, Asteris Apostolidis and Sevastianos Mail when Nasiopoulos returned from England four years ago to dedicate himself to his vision after working for eight years as a senior mechanic for the Force India Formula 1 team at Prodrive and the Nissan Research and Development Centre in Europe.

“Nasiopoulos told ANA: “With electromobility as the vision and objective of innovation in the field of urban mobility, Give was created. However, we began with services to third parties to raise capital that we were then able to invest in our own vision.

The concept for a scooter goes back to the company’s foundation, alongside more ambitious vehicle development plans, and its creation began in 2017.

And now? Now? We have the prototypes ready now, we are testing at the Demokritos Park, and now the objective is to start the process of certification and then go to the assembly line. “Financially, it is a difficult stage, but we are optimistic,” Nasiopoulos said.

The Greek electric scooter is an eco-friendly electric motorbike powered by three detachable batteries with a top speed of 85 km/h and a range of 180 km with one charge.

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It will also have a dashboard and navigator with an 8-inch digital screen.

When riding, don’t forget to wear a helmet!

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