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With its most recent share, a steamy series of snaps in which she rocked a skimpy outfit while spending some time on a balcony, Cuban smokeshow Cindy Prado tantalized her two million Instagram followers.

As the geotag showed, the images were taken in her home base of Miami, Florida, and Cindy perched on a wide balcony with glass sides. The room had a splendid view of the ocean, as well as of several nearby tall skyscrapers. Behind her, a large table with a wooden base and concrete top was visible, and Cindy used the furniture in a couple of the slides as a prop.

The outfit she wore was from the PrettyLittleThing brand, and in the caption of the post as well as in the first slide, Cindy made sure to tag the company’s own Instagram profile.

In a strapless pink bandana top, she displayed her fit physique. A hint of cleavage left the garment on show, and her sculpted shoulders and slender arms remained exposed. The pastel fabric spread over her massive assets, embracing her curves until the rest of her torso draped down.

The piece had an asymmetrical hem, cut high on the sides and hung just below the center of her belly button.

The provocative top was matched with scandalously tiny Daisy Dukes, which put her toned thighs on full display.

To finish off the outfit, she even added a few accessories. A pair of golden earrings were hanging from her ears, and a delicate choker necklace was paired with a longer pendant necklace on the chain. She slipped down the bridge of her nose with a pair of unique statement sunglasses and wore a chunky chain bracelet on one wrist.

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Cindy put both hands on top of her trembling waves in the first shot, looking at the camera seductively with her lips slightly parted.

Her Daisy Dukes were so short that the bottom of her pockets hung out, and the hem barely reached down her leg, exposing almost every inch of her sculpted stems.

She flashed her radiant smile for the second clip. She switched it up and sat on the tabletop for the third frame, one foot on the ground and the other on a wood-topped stool. By wearing white sneakers with neon pink highlights and black laces, she kept the outfit casual, and posed with her back slightly arched in a way that emphasized her curves.

The steamy update, which included three additional poses, all of which showed off her flawless physique, did not get enough from her fans. In just one hour of going online, the post racked up over 13,300 likes, and her fans rushed to the comments section to shower her with compliments.

“Looking so beautiful,” one fan wrote.

“Hottest girl on the block,” another remarked, referencing Cindy’s caption.

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