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Feb. 23 – Malaysia deported more than 1,000 Myanmar people hours after the indefinite suspension of any repatriation was ordered by a court decision.The 1,086 people of Myanmar, where the military carried out a coup d’├ętat on Feb. 1, were undocumented migrants who had ‘agreed’ to the expulsion, Malaysian newspaper The Star and Al Jazeera announced Tuesday, Kairul Dzaimee Daud, head of Malaysian immigration, said.”All of those who have been deported agreed to return of their own free will, without being forced,” Daud said in a statement.

The 1,086 people of Myanmar were chosen from a group of 1,200 individuals who, under a court order, are not to be expelled from Malaysia. The order came after an appeal from Amnesty International and Asylum Access for a judicial examination. The organizations said that the citizens of Myanmar will be at risk, and many people in Malaysian custody have at least one parent in the country.Katrina Jorene Maliamauv, Amnesty’s executive director in Malaysia, said before the deportations,

“The government must respect the court order and ensure not one of the 1,200 individuals is deported today,”After the party was sent back on Tuesday on Myanmar naval ships, Daud indicated the detainees were not at risk of persecution. The deported party excluded asylum seekers and members of Myanmar’s Rohingya community, according to the Malaysian immigration chief.According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Malaysia is acting as a temporary home for 154,000 Myanmar refugees.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the nation tightened border restrictions last year. According to The Star, in coordination with the regional government, the Malaysian immigration authorities are also working to repatriate undocumented migrants from Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.In Myanmar, police have been accused of shooting demonstrators fatally. The events were accompanied by mass demonstrations and a funeral.

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