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On Tuesday (Feb 23), Malaysia, despite a court decret to suspend repatriation and a storm of criticism from the rights groups, has deportations to Myanmar’s homeland just weeks after a coup d’Etat, said the head of immigration.

Authorities have sent 1,086 prisoners back from a Malaysian military base on the west coast to three Myanmar navy ships.

“The immigration department wants to emphasise that no Rohingya migrants or asylum seekers have been sent back,” he said in a state. “All of those who have been deported agreed to return of their own free will, without being forced.”

There was no mention in the statement of a judgment of the High Court of Kuala Lumpur, just hours earlier orders repatriation to be stopped in order to allow rights groups to challenge repatriation.

Activists have expressed questions about asylum-seekers among the deported and opposed the proposal by the USA and the United Nations.

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