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The highly awaited Malayalam thriller Drishyam 2, recently released by Mohanlal on the OTT website, has received a fantastic response from fans and critics. While the fans praised Jeethu Joseph’s direction and the crew’s performances, producer Antony Perumbavur revealed that the director had in mind the concept of Drishyam 3.

“Speaking of receiving a great response, the producer told Manorama Online, “The release of Drishyam in Malayalamam was very path-breaking. Cinema. Many movies have had extremely good outings since that. So, when producing the sequel to such a big movie, you need to be careful and attentive. It is very unlikely that the same success is replicated by a sequel of a movie.

By spending lots of time and care, Jeethu prepared the screenplay. As we were determined to solve the pandemic caused crisis, we then agreed to do it now. Now, everyone can watch the film at the same time around the world. I’m glad about that, honestly. I talked to Jeethu and to Lal Sir. They, too, are enthusiastic about the excellent replies.

“Antony replied, “I can tell that Drishyam 3 is in the mind of Jeethu when asked about Drishyam 3. I understood from his conversations that he is considering it. I really hope it happens. Lal sir and Jeethu have actually spoken about it. We all want Drishyam 3. Drishyam 2 will also be remade in many other languages. I’m disappointed that there was no theater release for the movie.

I am someone who wishes for the theatre experience. But, these are unprecedented times. So, I have gone for an OTT release for my survival.” Well, this news will definitely make all Mohanlal fans happy.It also featured Meena, Siddique, Asha Sharath, Murali Gopy, Ansiba, Esther, and Saikumar in key roles, talking about Drishyam 2. So, are you thrilled with Drishyam 3? Tweet @bollywood life and let us know.

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