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Ryan T. Anderson was recently elected president of the Ethics and Public Policy Centre, a respectable conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. He’s a talented social commentator who spent many years at The Heritage Foundation. One of his novels, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement,” is no longer available in Amazon. That’s because it’s a basic study of this phenomena.

If Anderson is too divisive for Amazon, it’s only a matter of time before Pope Francis is censored. That will really be great—time it’s the culture mavens got their tyrannical forces blown up in their faces.

Accessible on Amazon is the book “San Giovanni Paolo Magno,” written by Father Luigi Maria Epicoco and Pope Francis, which was published in Italian last year. In it, the pope opposes the doctrine of gender—the notion that men and women should alter their sex—as “evil.” The pope made it clear that he was not speaking to “those who have a homosexual orientation,” but rather to “an attack on difference, on God’s creativity, on man and woman.”

Is Amazon going to censor the book? If so, where is it going to stop? If not, so why not?


This was not the first time that Pope Francis had criticized the doctrine of gender. In 2015, he called this innovative concept “ideological colonization,” saying that it is prey to children. In reality, he said it was similar to “Hitler Youth.” In 2014, he went further, claiming that “Gender ideology is demonic.”

Now, if the Holy Father’s comments were to appear in a novel, will the Amazon bring them?

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The appetite for censorship on the left is a fever pitch. Many responsible for this attack on freedom of expression must be subject to even stronger oversight by the Congress than has been the case to date.

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