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Kenya’s wildlife agency claims that when they stepped into low-lying electric power transmission lines passing through the Soysambu Conservancy in western Kenya, two giraffes were electrocuted.

Trizer Mwakinya, Head of Communications at the Kenya Wildlife Service, said on Monday that the Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s employees “were on site” to correct the problem.

But in tweets addressed to the power company and the wildlife department, conservationist Paula Kahumbu said the power lines have been killing giraffes, vultures and flamingos.

“The experts’ advice was ignored. RIAs(Regulatory Impact Assessment) on many construction projects are notoriously bad. It’s sad that it takes this kind of death to wake up some people! “In a tweet, she said.

Kahumbu said the two were of the Rothschild giraffe genus in an earlier tweet with a photo of two dead giraffes under an electric pole.

The Kenya Wildlife Service says the country only has 609 Rothschild giraffes.

Up to 1,400 Rothschild giraffes remain in the world’s wild and the species is no longer considered endangered, but is instead in the near-threatened category, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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