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We’re going to get the Bigg Boss 14 winner on February 21st. Currently in the top five are Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli. Rakhi Sawant was the season’s entertainer and she had joined the show as the challenger. She has been entertaining the crowd since the day she joined, and plays the game well.She made us laugh and kept the house happy.

Inside the home, she had a few emotional and heated moments. She went wrong for Abhinav Shukla with her craziness. She had an ugly fight with Rubina Dilaik as well. However, Rakhi Sawant’s name comes first when we talk about the most exciting contestant.In every way possible, Rakhi Sawant can entertain us and she has proven herself this time and again.

Now that there are just five contestants left inside the home, people get bored. Rakhi Sawant, in particular, who loves to be with people and laugh, is getting bored. The lady, however, doesn’t let her fans get bored. Rakhi Sawant has found new ways of keeping her fans happy. We saw her sending funny emails to God yesterday and she has something more for us to laugh at today.

We see Rakhi Sawant walking near the statue of a man’s face held in the garden area in the new promo and calling it Bigg Boss. She’s talking to the statue and saying she’s going to give it a head rub. She’s bringing oil and telling the statue that she’s got a favorite oil from Bigg Boss. She is applying oil and allegations that Bigg Boss has a huge head.

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She also tells him that he has to do more than 100 seasons, and all his hair is gone in just 14 seasons.Then Rakhi Sawant says she’s going to put some oil in Bigg Boss ‘nose. Well, it seems that Rakhi Sawant really doesn’t have any jobs. Nevertheless, the public is fond of her.

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