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In the industry, Konami is well known for getting some of the most successful IPs in the video game market under its umbrella. We have to highlight Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania, where it is obvious.

There is, however, a’ willingness’ for the business to step away from expansion. Especially after Hideo Kojima’s divorce … The large “mastermind” behind Metal Gear’s success.

Well, it seems that Konami seems to continue in the development part without much will, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to withdraw some euros from these famous IPs. It appears, therefore, that the solution requires “Outsourcing”…

Therefore, there have been many reports about Konami’s plans for new games within these sagas in the last few months. Or, old ‘bestsellers’ remasters / remakes.

Actually, in the world of rumors and leaks, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid have been reported more than once. And Castlevania, evidently, is in the same bag as well… And what bag? The bag in which Konami will subcontract studios for these projects to be produced.

So, it appears, two Silent Hill ventures are underway already! A remake, and a new adventure altogether. With one of these ventures in the hands of the studio responsible for The Medium, the Bloober Squad.

In relation to Metal Gear and Castlevania, however, … There are proposals for new ventures to move forward, but apparently, the focus is now on Silent Hill. Thus, any development of these IPs is still a few years away.

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