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Durban – KZN matrics reached a pass rate of 77.6 percent with an improvement in the statistical pass rate despite a “tumultuous academic year”. On Tuesday morning, KZN Education MEC Kwazi Mshengu reported that it marked a significant day in the history of presenting the results of the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

 I realize, as we do, that this is a cohort that has almost lost the entire academic year. Therefore, this is a batch of pioneers who were the first to face head in Grade 12 on the Covid-19 pandemic and to further sit under circumstances never seen before for the National Senior Certificate test.


This is a class that has won the bragging rights to survive the storm and come unscathed out of it. “The tests, trials and tribulations that you all had to go through bear witness to the fact that you will go very far from here and remain prepared to deal with any challenges you may face along the way.” Mshengu said KZN had reported a total of 135 276 for the NSC. “A whopping 104 985 passed, making KwaZulu Natal the highest province producing many Grade 12 students in 2020.”

KZN scored 51 060 bachelor’s, 35 195 diploma and 18 658 higher certificate passes by breaking down the passes. When it came to passing maths, the MEC said the province appeared to be on a “upward trajectory,” having gone up to 51 percent from 47 percent in the previous year. “This is a good sign for a province like ours that has a desire to produce many mathematics students with good results.”

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