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On Sunday, Libyan Airlines announced an official agreement to resume operating flights from Tripoli – Cairo, Tripoli – Benghazi and Cairo – Benghazi, following consultations and contacts with the civil aviation authorities of Egypt.

The statement from Libyan Airlines confirmed that the schedule of flights will be officially announced in the next few days.

The delegations of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council in Libya recently agreed with Egyptian officials to continue consultations and expand talks to end the crisis in Libya.

Both parties agreed to official exchange visits and to work towards overcoming the obstacles facing the aviation sector, as well as establishing a smooth trade flow in the interests of the two countries.

On 18 February, Alexandria’s Borg El-Arab International Airport received the first flight operated by Libyan Airlines after a hiatus of more than a year due to a procedural problem.

The plane, coming from Benghazi’s Benina airport, breaks a hiatus that started in November for flights operated by Libyan Airlines to Egypt. Egypt, however, has received Libyan flights from Libya’s Afriqiah Airways.

The resumption comes on the same day that the new Libyan Prime Minister, Abdel Hamid Dbeibeh, was received in Cairo by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

The new Libyan Prime Minister expressed his honor of meeting with President Sisi, praising the sincere and effective efforts made by Egypt during the past period to resolve the Libyan crisis, resulting in a convergence of views between conflicting Libyan parties and an end to the state of division.

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He also appreciated the support given by Egypt to Libya’s institutions in the fight against terrorism and extremist groups.

Dbeibeh expressed the aspiration of the Libyan government and the people to establish a comprehensive partnership with Egypt to reproduce the successful experience of development, in particular with regard to the restoration of security and stability and the launch of the process of development and reform.

Egypt proposed a peace initiative in June, dubbed the Cairo Declaration, based on the conclusion of a previous Berlin conference. A ceasefire as well as the election of a new leadership council were proposed by the Cairo Declaration.

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