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Highlights from the new Being the Elite are provided below:

Backstage, after Matt and Nick were attacked by the Inner Circle, The Good Brothers talked with The Young Bucks. Matt asks them what was it that took them so long to come to their aid? It appears that Karl and Doc have a reason, but they don’t want to say why. The clip shows Matt and Nick beating up the Inner Circle. Backstage, we see Don Callis telling Karl and Doc to leave and help. Before going out, Doc has to make a stop in the bathroom, and Karl decides to do the same, which is why it took so long.

* For the first time since the pandemic began, Matt and Nick’s parents flew with them. For last Wednesday’s Dynamite, both were ringside.

* Brandon Cutler watching Street Fighter II play Kenny Omega against the two owners of the store. Omega beats them both.

* Cutler is looking for some more coffee, but the one he got doesn’t like it. The Bunny turns his back, sneaks up from behind the bar and sprays his drink with something. Cutler goes to drink more, but somewhere, The Blade says they’re calling for him. The Bunny scolds Blade because Cutler has been sent off.

* Matt Hardy talks about Kassidy dressing up as the mascot of the Jaguars and attacking Page on Dynamite with Isiah Kassidy. They tried to help him, Hardy says, but he didn’t want to. Hardy is so upset that Page wants his Q1 earnings to be taken! Kassidy thanks Hardy for all he did. Hardy then offers Kassidy a VIP chain necklace. Hardy says Kassidy is now his group’s made-up man, and then asks a referee where TH2 is. If he ever wants an agent, Hardy tells him he should become a king ref!

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* As Angelico rides his skateboard, Hardy and Kassidy find Evans break dancing. For their help on Dynamite, Hardy pays up his debt to them. In the future, Hardy asks about using them again. Sure, Evans says, but that’ll be double the pay. Hardy isn’t happy about them calling for a boost because they didn’t finish the job with Page completely. Hardy then says that he is open to negotiations, though, and if they sign up with him, they could have big cash futures for a small fee.

The community feels like they did a decent job saving Hangman Page on Dynamite. * Dark Order hangout. The joy of how good everybody looked, then talk about how cool the page is, and how much sex he’s likely to have. They break out into a chant of “Hangman f-s.” Tipsy Page shows up on the chant and joins in. Uno says that if Page doesn’t join the group, they’re totally all right, but they still want to be his friend. Page says it sounds pretty fucking good. Page asks for their numbers, and they begin to rattle off the numbers of their Dark Order. Page says he means the numbers of their phones. 5 and 10 give him some weird numbers, so Page says he’s going to contact Colt Cabana and get the numbers for everybody.

* Wearing only the title, Sammy Guevara plugs on his vlog to defend the BTE Championship. He didn’t go to Dynamite, Sammy also notes, because he didn’t feel like going. He’s going to keep defending his title against his mom.

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* Men catch Brandon Cutler napping in a public place again.

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