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UPDATE: Less than an hour after we released the spy footage, our spy photographers sent us a package of new spy images from the EQE. After the second paragraph, we added the gallery.

If you like it or not, Mercedes-Benz goes all-in with electric cars. The price for this is that more of the brand’s combustion-powered vehicles will be sacrificed in the near future. Even the new generation Mercedes-AMG C63 will lose its V8 to a 2.0 hybrid engine. Meanwhile, the German corporation is making every attempt to improve the next-generation EVs.

Today we have a new spy video of the EQE-the zero tailpipe pollution brother of the E-Class, which is still being tested with a lot of camouflage. It’s been spied on public roads in Germany lately, and while the extreme camouflage doesn’t let us see a lot, there’s something worth worrying about.


The previous EQE designs we spied on had a reasonably natural suspension for a big electric vehicle. Some of the test cars have appeared a little lower than anticipated, but the situation here is just the opposite-this EQE rides high and has considerable room between the wheels and the wheel arches.

We can only think of a good reason for that. Most certainly, Mercedes is evaluating some form of adjustable suspension for the EQE, and this video shows the electric car in what is likely to be higher suspension environments. The wheels seem to be the same size as the previous designs, and even the construction of the wheel seems to be the same.

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Honestly, we’re pretty shocked to see that Mercedes is still researching the highly camouflaged EQE prototypes. According to various outlets, the all-electric car is scheduled to launch by the end of the year or early next year. However, given how disguised this car is, we believe that there might be a delay in the original schedule.

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