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Over the past 50 years, Egypt has released 3 commemorative coins depicting the three popes of the modern Coptic Church era, including Pope Cyril VI, Pope Shenouda III and current Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria.

Each coin has the name of the Three Popes of Egypt written in the Coptic alphabet along with a picture of the most famous buildings built during their time.

The Pope Cyril VI coin has a picture of the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Mark, located in Cairo’s Abbassia District. The papal headquarters are marked by the Pope Shenouda coin and the Pope Tawadros coin marks the Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity, established in the New Administrative Capital and considered to be the largest church in the Middle East.

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said they would spare no effort to document the political, economic and religious memories of Egypt through the unique designs of commemorative coins.

He noted that these coins help to raise awareness and maintain the national identity of the people of Egypt.

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait of Egypt tested positive for Coronavirus last Thursday.

According to sources that assured Maait is self-isolated at home, and taking all necessary medicines according to ministry of health protocol, the Minster’s health condition is stable.

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