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Feb. 22 – In the South, a North Korean defector who lost an arm and a leg while foraging for food was given a human rights award.Seoul Shinmun announced Monday that Ji Seong-ho, 38, was honored with the Han Won-chae Human Rights Award for his efforts to promote North Korean human rights. The prize is named after a North Korean defector who was forcefully repatriated after he and his wife and three children tried to escape the dictatorship.

Han, born in 1943, died in 2000 as a result of torture, the study said.”telling the world of the reality of North Korea, a world of darkness, so that all North Koreans can find freedom, freedom from slavery, so that they may live like human beings.”telling the world of North Korea’s reality, a world of darkness, so that all North Koreans can find freedom, freedom from slavery, so that they can live as human beings.

Han noted that by shedding light on North Korean rights violations, Ji, a lawmaker with the main opposition People Power Party, made a “major contribution” Ultimately, Han said, Ji’s work helped rescuing North Korean refugees under the threat of forced repatriation.During the 2018 State of the Union Address, former U.S. President Donald Trump honored Ji. After he fell, the defector lost his limbs at age 13 and a train rolled over his body.

After surgeons in the North operated on him without anesthesia, he reportedly survived the crash.Ji said the award was a “great honor” on Monday and that he would “strive to improve laws and institutions” to better resolve North Korean rights security. By crossing into China, the defector-lawmaker said he had fled from the North. Refugee movements across the Korean demilitarized zone are relatively uncommon, but concerns in the South have been posed by the recent defection of a North Korean individual.

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News 1 announced that inquiries into the North Korean who surrendered last week after breaching a DMZ buffer zone ended on Monday and findings will be published on Tuesday.The Seoul military said the man had admitted to swimming for six hours in order to enter the South, but local press reports questioned the assertion.

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