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Arshi Khan was knocked out of Big Boss 14’s house a few weeks ago. With the housemates getting emotional, it was a tearful farewell as they would miss Arshi and her antics in the house. Having left the home, Arshi Khan is enjoying her time. To cool off and have a small detox, Arshi Khan jetted off to the beach. Before setting off on a holiday, however,Arshi Khan opened the way to the inside of the home, her personal life, and more.

I tend not to talk about my problems because then people show concern and I’m not comfortable with that. Other people may be sweet to talk on the show about their difficulties, but I’m not. It was hard for me to survive when I was new in Mumbai because I had to handle finances, like paying house rent, rickshaw fare to go for auditions and other important things.

I had to choose between eating chicken or saving for rent and rickshaw trips for days. And with my parents, I didn’t discuss my struggles. My dad used to ask me if I needed money, but I would tell him that since they were in Bhopal, I’m earning well, and I didn’t want them to think about my situation here,’ Arshi told the Indian Times.

“At times, I would do fashion shoots to earn some money. Today, however, things are better and Allah has provided me with a good life and got me out of my difficult times. I am thankful about that,” said Arshi Khan, opening up on her survival. When asked about her wedding plans, Arshi Khan said, “After two years and settling down, I hope to get married.” What are you going to think about this? By tweeting to us @bollywood life, let us know.

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