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Her Instagram account is frequently used by British actress Kate Beckinsale as a way to show her personality and charm her fans, and her latest post was no different.

In the steamy snap, she was practically submerged in a bathtub, enjoying a soothing soak. The room she was in was minimalist and furnished with a neutral palette of colours. Several folded white towels were kept by a white shelf nearby, and semi-sheer pale gray curtains in the background provided the only other decor in the room.

Kate was submerged in the sea, and it seemed only a fluffy white headband with an oversized bow put just off-center was the only thing she owned. As her eye makeup seemed to have gotten a little smudged in the steam, her face was slightly flushed, giving her an alluring look.

On the side of the pool, she leaned one shoulder, her perfect skin moist and sparkling with her fingertips remaining in the water. She set her chin on top of her wrist, gazing at the beautiful shot in a relaxed way.

In a messy bun atop her head, Kate’s brunette locks were pulled up. Although the photo was cropped so that nothing in the picture was visible to NSFW, her fans were rushing to press the button like that. In only eight hours, over 102,3000 likes were racked up by the post.

She combined the sultry image with a simple caption in which she referred to her “little friend.” A white cat nestled atop one of the towels on the shelf could be seen by fans who looked closely at the neutral backdrop, obviously joining Kate for her evening relaxation.

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In Kate’s Instagram posts, the cat has been a regular co-star, enabling the British beauty to show off her sense of humor while still entertaining her fans with the cute pet. Kate never seems to be far from her feline mate, from home exercise routines to time in the kitchen.

Kate’s audience enjoyed the bathtub share, and 1,260 comments were received from her followers in the post.

“Sneaky little bub in the corner,” one fan wrote.

“You look like the most beautiful love poem ever written!” another chimed in, followed by a heart emoji, struck by Kate’s beauty.

“Morning Kate you look perfect as always,” a third fan commented.

Although imagining Kate as anything but the bombshell she is at present may be hard, it seems that she didn’t always feel like a glamorous starlet. Kate has previously said, as Walltrace noted, that she didn’t really feel sexy until she was nearly 30 at age 29, to be exact.

Her latest share was not the first photo Kate ever took while lounging in the shower, and her fans are probably waiting eagerly for more steamy snaps to reveal her beauty.

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